Local Drug store on Morningside
We carry nebulizer machines, home health care supplies and do special orders. We offer seniors discounts, accept all major insurance plans, and are conveniently open 7 days a week.
Our hours of operation
M-F 10AM- 8PM, Saturday and Sunday 10:30PM - 5PM
Custom/Specialty Compounding
Custom/Specialty compounding is an art of pharmacy that is highly underutilized these days by pharmacies and pharmacists. Read More
Addiction Management & Psychiatry
Addiction is a primary, chronic disease, characterized by impaired control over the use of a psychoactive substance and/or behaviour. Read More
State-of-Art Blood Presure machine
We Provide State-of-Art Blood Presure machine for our Customers to test while they are waiting for their Prescription medicine.
Rehab Equipments
Remedys Rx, provides a number of equipment related services to clinicians and consumers. These services include:
- Privides guideness of rehab equipment
- Consultation services to people contemplating equipment purchase
- Special equipment related help and investigations


At People's Choice Remedy's Rx Pharmacy, our goal each time you walk in to our store is it to give you the best service with a smile. With each working day we are striving to be the best at what we do! We are conveniently open 7 days a week next to doctors urgent care on morningside avenue. We carry all medications or can do special orders for same day delivery.

Our specially compound products that are commercially unavailable or on backorders. We carry Zostavax injections for shingles and other specialty items. We also do methadone and suboxone treatments for addiction management. We also carry home health care items or can order them if you require them. Subsequently, we want to provide our customers with the best pharmacy care, price, and convenience.